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The orphans' mother

In 2012, the topic for St Catherine's Show was: "Home, sweet home"


During my research, I found pictures of many orphanages. Immediately,  I was trying to figure out how a house without a mother would be. Then I focused on how those children would feel. Suddenly, many questions sprang out: 

How would the mother of their dreams been? Would she have a face? ....

I got an idea, I decided to make an outfit, a kind of mortuary dress with a mask. I needed a faceless person to wear this outfit. 


I cut a long dress in one piece with the sleeves. Four layers with different materials were sewn together to get the volume on this outfit, each layer had 5 metres of fabric. The sleeve cuffs were pleated and folded together. The upper layer was in cellophane because I wanted to give this dress a spectral effect. 

I achieved the spectrum, the volume and all of a sudden I had the perfect orphans´s mother and unexpectedly it was not a dream. 


A week after the St Catherine's show one of the most important newspapers in Germany published my outfit and wrote about it.

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